Origins of Cartin, Carton, Cartan, etc surnames

Authored by Edward Cartin. 



The origins of the Cartin surname can be traced back to 446 AD when it was referred to in the Annals of Ulster (1). Cartins, Cartons etc. were part of the sept, clan or tribe of people known as the Ui Mhic Carthainn and they have lived around the river Foyle  in north west Ulster ever since, mostly on it’s east bank.


The surnames Cartin, Carton, Cartan, Carten etc. are derived from the original sept name Ui Mhic Carthainn and will have connections with the area around the river Foyle.  These surnames have been interchangeable in the past: even fathers and sons using different variations.


This document uses the surname Cartin as shorthand for all the names derived from Ui Meic Carthainn i.e. Carton, Carten, Cartan, Cartin, O’Cartin, O’Carton, O’Carten, O'Cartan and Carthainn etc. Some MacCartons, MacCartins and a very small number of MacCartans and McCartneys also have their origins in this sept. Similarly the name Ui Mhic Carthainn will be used to cover the various different renderings of the name in ancient Irish and subsequent translations and versions. This includes for example Ui Meic Cairthinn, the most common alternative spelling and  Ui Meic Caerthainn.


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 The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown]) Year U446 U446.0 Kalends of January third feria, eighteenth of the moon. AD 446. [AM] 4650.U446.1 The battle of Feimen in which Mac Cairthinn son of Caelub fell. Some say he was of the Cruithin U1096.2 Mathgamain ua Segdai, king of Corco Duibhne, Conchobor ua hAiniarraid, king of Ciannacht, and Ua Céin, king of Uí Meic Cairthinn, fell by one another in battle.