Other Writers on the Surname Cartin


Books on Irish surnames tend to be unfamiliar with the origins of the name, typically linking Cartin with MacCartan. Some recognise that there is an inconsistency between the high numbers of Cartins in the North West of the province of Ulster and the fairly extensive MacCartan clan in Co Down. The two areas are quite distinct and comparatively remote from each other at almost opposite ends of the province of Ulster. This inconsistency can be referred to as the Kneafsey paradox 1;

“Whilst it is not a reintroduction, another paradox arises when comparison is made with an example of the use of the 'Mac' prefix in Ulster. McCartan remains solidly with its prefix in the south east, whereas Carton, Cartin, Carten and Cartan are the forms found in the north east and along the north coast of Northern Ireland.”


The following authors have looked at the surname  or close variants and their publications are referenced for further research.

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The Surnames of Ireland by Edward MacLysaght (2) MacLysaght

The Book of Ulster Surnames by Robert Bell (3) Bell

Surnames in Ireland by Sean E Quinn (4) Quinn

Irish Pedigrees or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation  by John O’Hart (5)  O’Hart

Irish Names and Surnames by Patrick Woulfe (6) Woulfe

Conclusions of Sean McCartan (7) McCartan



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