There is a connection between Ballycarton and Waterford. There are and have been families in Waterford with the name Carton.  In discussion forums (Latin scholars  look away) they have tended to look to Co Down and the MacCartan clan for their possible ancestory.


However   The Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland parishes of Co Londonderry 1831-5 Roe Valley Lower Volume 11 (1) makes many references to Ballycarton and some to the Marquis of Waterford.


"The native freehold of Ballycarton is held by [Blank] Lane under the Marquis of Waterford [Insert note: The freehold of Ballycarton was granted by Lord Waterford’s ancestor to the ancestor of Mr Lane as a reward for his services in a contested election.”


"Page 11 mentions that the parish belongs to the Marquis of Waterford, except the townland of Freehall which belongs to Mr McCausland. The size of the farms was 20 to 30 acres and Waterford sought to amalgamate them when possible to it seems, increase voting capacity."


The Wikipedia entry (2) for the Marquis of Waterford says:


"George de la Poer Beresford, 1st Marquess of Waterford,  (8 January 1735 – 3 December 1800) was an Irish politician, known as George Beresford, 2nd Earl of Tyrone from 1763 to 1789.

Beresford was the eldest son of the 1st Earl of Tyrone and his wife, Katherine, Baroness de la Poer. From 1757 to 1760, he was a Member of the Irish House of Commons for Waterford County from 1757 to 1760, and for Coleraine from 1761 until 1763, when he inherited his father's earldom, entered the Irish House of Lords and was admitted to the Privy Council of Ireland. He was Governor ofWaterford from 1766 and custos rotulorum of that county from 1769 to 1800, during which time he was made a Knight of St Patrick, created Baron Tyrone in 1786 and elevated as a marquess in 1789."


Thus it is worth finding out if there was any transfer of personnel from Ballycarton to Waterford by the Marquis of Waterford.




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